Kingo Hamada - Heart Cocktail LP

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We're very happy to get our hands on a few copies of this repressing of a City Pop classic! 

Kingo Hamada, a representative artist of CITY POP in the 1980s. The sixth album in total, which was renamed from Hamada to Hamada after the first transfer to Toshiba EMI in 1985, and released with a change of heart. This work, which is famous for the illustration by Seizo Watase, is reproduced on an analog record.

A 1985 album by Kingo Hamada, a representative artist of city pop. The illustration of the jacket is Seizo Watase, which has the same title as the blockbuster series "Heart Cocktail". Produced by: Kingo Hamada, Arranged by: Makoto Matsushita. Familiar and talented musicians such as Makoto Matsushita are backing up. This work includes a total of 9 songs with full urban sound, such as the melodious AOR "April Fool's Day", the medium tempo of Urban Mellow "Yokaze No Information", and "Selection in the Afternoon".

Track List:

  • クールハート
  • 夜風のインフォメーション
  • エイプリール・フール
  • Down Town Kid
  • Silent Rouge
  • Sister My Love
  • Goodbye Again
  • 昼下がりのセレクション
  • Come & Gone