King Tubby Meets Scientist - In A Revival Dub LP

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 Radiation Roots present a reissue of King Tubby Meets Scientist's compilation In A Revival Dub, originally released in 2009. Incredible collection of rare King Tubby vs. Scientist tracks. These were some of the last "classical" dub works created before dancehall ultimately mutated into a technologically-driven sound that largely did away with organic instruments and although these works already point in that direction, they still sound entirely fresh today because of the superb musicianship of the Roots Radics and the guiding hand of Jah Thomas in the producer's chair, as well as Scientist and his cohorts, working their dub magic at King Tubby's studio. Extensive liner notes by David Katz.

Track List:

  • King Tubby's Longtime Dub
  • Scientist's Oldtime Dub
  • King Tubby's Antique Dub
  • Scientist's Ancient Dub
  • King Tubby's Old Veteran Dub
  • Scientist's Japanese Dub
  • King Tubby's Yankee Dub
  • Scientist's Englishman Dub
  • King Tubby's Yadie Dub
  • Scientist's Asian Dub
  • King Tubby's German Dub
  • Scientist's Stateside Dub
  • King Tubby's Western Dub