Kazumi Odagiri Trio - Assault Kamikaze Squadron LP (突撃神風特攻隊 - 突撃神風特攻隊)

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This is a RSD Japan 2022 drops release from Kazumi Odagiri Trio.  It is part of the Deep Jazz Reality series and comes with the maroon OBI strip that isn't pictured. (It is not the pink/magenta one from the Project Re:Vinyl / Deep Jazz Reality series). A translated description is below. 

Tenor/soprano saxophonist Kazumi Odagiri, who was active in groups such as Takeo Moriyama, Ryojiro Furusawa, and Takao Uematsu. This work is the only leader album left by Odagiri. The phrases released with a tremendous sense of speed and sharp tones gouge and overwhelm the listener. (From manufacturer information.)

Track List:

  • Striped Slacks
  • Invitation
  • Intrepid Fox - Take 1
  • Intrepid Fox - Take 2
  • When Sunny Gets Blue