Junko Ohashi - Tea for Tears LP

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Junko Ohashi delivered Tea for Tears in 1981, her first LP after splitting with her previous backing group, Minoya Central Station.  Working with producer Kazuharu Honjo, Ohashi delivered an LP that quickly became a favorite of Japanese pop fans.  This version comes to us from Universal Music and Lawson Entertainment. 

Tea for Tears includes contributions from Yoshiko Miura, Yoshihiro Yonekura, Takeru Sato, Teruo Goto, Mitsuo Hagita, Yasuhiro Abe, and Hirofumi Amami.  Their work helps showcase Ohashi's voice in soulful ballads and uptempo jams that are favorites of City Pop fans. 

Track List:

  • Another Day, Another Love
  • Koino Adlib
  • Seiren (The Story of the Sea Spirit)
  • La Rosa
  • Telephone Number
  • Maroon Person
  • Sisyphus Morning
  • Bookend
  • A Horse with No Name
  • Tea for Tears