Junko Ohashi / Minoya Central Station - Crystal City LP (2022 Pressing)

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Junko Ohashi's 4th album released in 1977, and her 2nd album with Minoya Central Station.
This time, the writers are Takashi Matsumoto, Machiko Ryu, Masami Tsuchiya, Michio Yamagami, and Junko Ohashi, and the composers are Takeru Sato, Masami Tsuchiya, Tetsushi Hayashi, and Motoaki Masuo. Contains 10 songs in total.

Track List:

  • クリスタル・シティー
  • 霧に抱かれて
  • Funky Little Queenie
  • 男と女のいる舗道
  • 落日風景
  • 落日風景
  • アラビアン・ナイト
  • 夜のハイウェイ
  • 炎のヒロイン
  • 風のシルエット
  • Like A Sea Gull