Jadoes - A Lie LP (Used)

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3rd album "A Lie" released in 1988. If the previous work "Free Drink" was the height of summer, this album contains many medium tempo and ballad songs that remind us of the end of summer. However, the peculiar synthesizer and electronic drum tones are still alive, and there is no discomfort even if you listen to it continuously from the 2nd. Comparing the 1st track of the album "All My Dreams (12" Version)" with the previous work, the rhythm pattern etc. are inherited, but the melody and accompaniment still give a sense of melancholy and loneliness. Also, the 4th song "Heya ~ Just The Way ~" shows an urban mellow ballad. Starting with these songs, the melody makeup is also polished, making it a so-called "listening" album.

Track List:

  • All My Dream (Album Version)
  • Have A Party In Your Life
  • You Conceal It!!
  • 部屋~Just The Way~
  • Southern Lady In The City
  • Something to Love
  • Get Your Love Tonight
  • Change Your Heart
  • Forever More (Dedicated To Nobu & Masako)