Idris Muhammad - Kabsha

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This is the 2020 repressing of Idris Muhammad's Kabsha from Pure Pleasure Records.  This is a 180G pressing of an analog (or analogue as the label states,) remastering of the original tapes.  

Originally recorded in 1980, Kabsha is Muhammad focusing on jazz instead of some of his funkier LPs.  This lives up to the high standard he set for himself; Muhammad is still the powerhouse drummer you know and love.  He is flanked by George Coleman and Pharoah Sanders on sax and Ray Drummond on bass. 

While not as famous (or sampled,) as some of his other works; this LP pulls off one of the hardest things in music.  A musician doing something different than what is expected, pulling it off, and also having it stand as a great LP.  Get your hands on this and enjoy some great jazz played by some true greats.