Hiroshi Suzuki - Cat LP (Japanese Pressing)

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The legendary Cat LP gets a repressing from the good folks at HMV / Lawson Entertianment as part of the Deep Jazz Reality / Project Re:Vinyl series. This means a few things:

  • This LP is a classic of Japanese Jazz
  • This LP will sound great
  • It will have the pink OBI (even though it isn't displayed)
  • The following description from series curator, Yusuke Ogawa, will be much better than anything we'd write. Even if it has to be translated.

Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Hiroshi Suzuki, Zero Fighter. Each of them is a significant work in the history of Japanese jazz, and a masterpiece that has been overwhelmingly supported by the generation after Rare Groove. Reunion of allies. It was a reunion of the legendary combo, Freedom Unity. A historical masterpiece that captures the dynamic appearance of groove magicians.

Hiroshi Suzuki performed everything from modern jazz to free jazz, and was even told, "If you want to play well, you should hold on to him on the trombone." In 1971, he emigrated to the United States after playing an active role in the Japanese jazz world. In this work, which was recorded during a temporary return to Japan for the first time in about four years, the members of the group Freedom Unity, which was enrolled just before going to the United States, reunited. This is the second chapter of the legend. Hiroshi Suzuki, Akira Ishikawa, Ken Muraoka, Hiromasa Suzuki, Kunimitsu Inaba, and other groove magicians are a masterpiece. Sharp "Shrimp Dance", dynamic "Kuro To Shiro", soulful "Walk Tall", deep "Cat", mellow "Romance". It is a monster album with all songs colored with vivid grooves.

We also have the We Release Jazz pressing available!

Track List:

  • Shrimp Dance
  • Kuro To Shiro
  • Walk Tall
  • Cat
  • Romance