Hiroshi Sato - Time LP

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Nippon Columbia/Lawson Entertainment's re-release of Hiroshi Sato's second LP, originally from 1978.  When listening to this, there may be numerous things that jump out at you.  For us, Sato's songwriting jumped out and is on full display here.  It serves as the foundation for him to navigate between numerous genres.  The songs can sound smooth, psychedelic, and funky; often all at once. For reference, Discogs lists the following about the LP:

  • Genres: Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Blues
  • Styles: Blues Rock, Fusion, Jazz-Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Soft Rock

While this does offer some insight on how expansive the sound is, it is also fun to imagine how many revisions/squabbles occurred a detente regarding genres and styles was reached. 

One of the reasons this LP sounds so great is because Sato is backed by an absurd amount of talent.  Performers include: Haroumi Hosono, Akihiro Tanaka, Kenji Takamizo, Tatsuo Hayashi, Shuichi "Ponta" Murakami, Pecker, Nobu Saito, Hirofumi Tokutake and Tadahide Toshikawa.  Sato himself wrote all the songs, arranged them and produced them alongside Teruaki Kuroda.  While all the genres, styles, and credits are impressive, the LP itself lives up to the hype.   Get your hands on it before it is scarce!

Track List:

    • Time
    • Joint
    • Minami Kaikisen
    • Choit
    • Yamate Hotel
    • Bad Junkie Blues
    • Mezame
    • Akanegumo-No Machi
    • Black Coffee
    • Island Fantasy
    • Kage-Ni Mukatte
    • Saigo-No Tejina
    • Merry Go Round