Hiroshi Sato - Orient 2LP (Japanese Pressing - 45 RPM)

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Universal Music / Lawson Entertainment give us a wonderful new pressing of Orient that is worthy of this excellent album.  Grab your copy before this pressing sells out and becomes as rare as the original!

Hiroshi Sato, a keyboardist/producer who left a masterpiece in his solo activities and masterpieces of numerous artists such as Eiichi Ohtaki, Tatsuro Yamashita, Minako Yoshida, etc. after working on hackleback, Tin Pan Array, etc. “Orient”, the only work he released from Kitty Records, will be released in a 45-RPM, 2-disc set! A masterpiece full of oriental mood, which is similar to the title of YMO / Haruomi Hosono’s work of the same period, will be revived with high sound quality. Haruomi Hosono (b), Shigeru Suzuki (g), Jun Aoyama (ds), Hiroshi Uehara (ds), Tatsuo Hayashi (ds), Koki Ito (b), Yuji Toriyama (g), Pecker (perc), Masaki Ueda The strongest musicians such as (vo) participate. Announced in 1979.

  • Double LP pressed on black vinyl
  • 45-RPM edition
  • Originally released in 1979
  • The only work Hiroshi Sato released on Kitty Records

Track List:

  • Karinbanite
  • Son Goku
  • Tsuki no knon namae Leo
  • Donkama
  • Joudo
  • Soratobu Jyutan
  • Picnic
  • Hikaru Kaze