Hiroshi Sato Awakening 2LP (Special Edition) (Pre-Order)

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40th anniversary colored double vinyl set. Disc 1 is the original version. Disc 2 includes special edition tracks such as, “BLUE AND MOODY MUSIC (WENDY’S VERSION)”, and “IT ISN’T EASY” which were remixed by Hiroshi Sato in 2005.

Pre-Order - Expected to Ship February, 2023

Track List:

  • Awakening
  • You're My Baby
  • Blue and Moody Music
  • Only a Love Affair
  • Love and Peace
  • From Me to You
  • I Can't Wait
  • It Isn't Easy
  • Awakening
  • Say Goodbye
  • Blue and Moody Music (Wendy's Version)
  • Awakening (Off Se (?))
  • You're My Baby (Off Vocal)
  • Blue and Moody Music (Off Vocal)
  • Only a Love Affair (Off Vocal)
  • It Isn't Easy (Remixed by Hiroshi Sato 2005)
  • From Me To You (Off Vocal)
  • I Can't Wait (Off Vocal)
  • It Isn't Easy (Off Vocal)
  • Say Goodbye (Off Vocal)