Haruko Kuwana - Show Me Your Smile LP

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If you found this LP via YouTube, you may notice that one of the top comments is "Could tell from the gorgeous sleeve that this would be a fantastic album." Which is pretty damn accurate.  Haruko Kuwana delvers a gem of a sophomore LP with Show Me Your Smile. 

Tokuma Japan Communications delivers a reissue of Show Me Your Smile, making it easily available to US listeners.  This album is full of grooves and it delivers them in a great combination of ways.  It starts off with a tropical vibe on And The Telephone Bell.  Chance delivers a funky disco vibe and then Kuwana follows that with a cover of The Sadistics' On the Seashore.  It is a somewhat unexpected combination, but it works well. 

This is a fantastic LP that belongs in your regular rotation of City Pop LPs at home or in your next mix!

Track List:

  • And The Telephone Bell
  • Show Me Your Smile
  • Weather Forecast
  • Blue Wind
  • Chance
  • On The Seashore
  • More Imagination
  • Few
  • One Man Show