Dave Grusin - The Friends of Eddie Coyle OST LP

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If you haven't seen The Friends of Eddie Coyle, you're not familiar with the tone and how music helps propel the film forward.  The film itself is dark and brooding at times, telling the tale of Boston area man who is mixed up in small time crimes.  Grusin's score helps set the dark tone on tracks such as Partridge Robbery/Take A Walk. 

However, the soundtrack more often serves as a counterpoint to the grimy underworld of the film.  For example, a track like Clean Cut is a funky jam that can clearly stand on its own or could soundtrack a completely different film.  This isn't the Boston of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon; it is the 70's Boston that Affleck fetishizes in his Boston-centric films and world view. 

As a standalone work, the soundtrack is a wonderful listen.  That said, if you haven't seen this film, definitely watch it!  It is an excellent film and it may be what pushes you to pull the trigger on this LP. 

This WeWantSounds release is remastered from the original tapes and includes an extra track. It was originally an RSD First release.

Track List:

    • Theme From The Friends of Eddie Coyle
    • Mr Connection
    • Guns to Artie/Artie Examines the Guns
    • Partridge Robbery/Take a Walk
    • Jackie Meets Pete and Andrea (Mr Connection)
    • Clean Cut
    • Baylis Robbery
    • Shopping Center (Mr Connection)
    • The Stakeout
    • Whalen Robbery
    • Eddie is Hit
    • Friend's Requiem/End Title
    • Mr Connection (Alternate) - Bonus Track