France Gall - 1968 LP

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France Gall's 1968 LP is truly a product of its time.  So much so, it is literally named 1968.  However, it is one of those unique snapshot LPs, that captures something that was only happening at that time.  France Gall was a more traditional pop/chanson singer; but like many acts, she we moving in a psychedelic direction. This makes for a unique combination of themes, instrumentals and energy that makes this LP feel familiar but new. 

There is a damn good reason Third Man Records is repressing it and releasing it for the first time in the US.  It is because it is really good!  Gall relies on many songwriters to pen these tracks on this album (including Serge Gainesbourg,) but she makes the songs her own.  While psychedelic pop is somewhat of a niche industry now, this is from a time when it was massive (and freaking out the squares.) 

This LP is a wonderful way to push your collection in new/different directions.  If you're DJing or making mixes, these songs can fit into many different types of mixes; or be a standout song that works in many different contexts. Grab this 180G pressing and be ready to keep people on their toes the next time someone asks what you're listening to.  

Track List:

    • Toi Que Je Veux
    • Chanson Indienne
    • Gare A Toi... Gargantua
    • Avant La Bagarre
    • Chason Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Un Peu
    • Nefertitti
    • La Fille D'Un Garcon
    • Bebe Requin
    • Teenie Weenie Bopper
    • Les Yeux Bleus
    • Made in France
    • La Petite