Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans LP

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Another great LP from the legendary DJ and producer Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet.  Sixteen Oceans was released in 2020 and warping issues caused the first pressing to be recalled.  Fixed and ready for your enjoyment, this pressing looks and sounds great. Sides A, B and C are classic Four Tet atmospheric grooves, while side D is 16 short untitled tracks with locked grooves.  The two LPs also come with a download card for sides A through C, enabling enjoyment on the go and/or laptop mixing. 

While this is mostly a Four Tet production, he does enlist Ellie Goulding to sing on Baby.  This makes for a relatively more commercial single, while Hebden still delivers instrumental classics like Teenage Birdsong.  This LP is a wonderful introduction to Four Tet or a great addition to your extensive collection of Four Tet LPs.  

Track List:

  • School
  • Baby
  • Harpsichord
  • Teenage Birdsong
  • Romantics
  • Love Salad
  • Insect Near Piha Beach
  • Hi Hello
  • ISTM
  • Something In The Sadness
  • 1993 Band Practice
  • Green
  • Bubbles At Overlook 25th March 2019
  • 4T Recordings
  • This Is For You
  • Mama Teaches Sanskrit
  • 16 Untitled Tracks