EPO - Down Town LP (Green Vinyl)

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A City Pop classic from EPO gets a repressing on green vinyl by Great Tracks/Sony.  Grab a copy before it disappears, we only have limited supplies!

[CITY POP ON VINYL 2021 Participating Works]
The 1st album including the debut single, Sugar Babe's cover "DOWN TOWN" is reissued on Clear Green Vinyl.
Cutting: Bernie Grundman
Press: Sony Shizuoka
Original LP release date: 1980/3/21

Track List:

  • Down Town
  • Yakusoku Wa Ame No Naka
  • Klaxon
  • Nichiyo Wa Bell Ga Narumaeni
  • Katarai
  • Pop Music
  • Down town
  • Asphalt Hitrori
  • Iiwake Wa Shinaikedo
  • Suiheisen Oikakete
  • Coffee Time