Ennio Morricone - Exorcist II: The Heretic Soundtrack LP Swirl Vinyl

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In one of his first forays into big-budget Hollywood, Ennio Morricone handed in one of his weirdest, eeriest scores.

From the beautiful to the absolutely demented, while still playing in the same sandbox. Once you get to the deranged Satanic prog-rock of “Magic And Ecstasy,” it hits you: this is the craziest we’ve ever heard Morricone. And it’s amazing.

 Track List:

  • Regan's Theme (Finale)
  • Pazuzu (Theme From Exorcist II)
  • Interrupted Melody (Suspended Sound)
  • Rite of Magic
  • Little Afro-Flemish Mass
  • Great Bird of the Sky
  • Magic and Ecstasy
  • Seduction and Magic
  • Regan's Theme (Floating Sound)
  • Dark Revelation
  • Night Flight
  • Interrupted Melody