Eiichi Ohtaki - First 2LP (50th Anniversary Edition)

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In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Eiichi Otaki's first solo album (commonly known as Eiichi Otaki First), which was released on November 25, 1972 while he was in the legendary band "Happy End", "Eiichi Otaki Omnibus 50th Anniversary Edition” will be released as an analog record. The 1st solo album released under the name of "Eiichi Otaki", which was used as a composer, arranger, producer, and as an artist name when he was a member of "Happy End", released 6 singles in the first project and collected them. It was planned as a collection of works, and the album title was also planned to be "Omnibus". This 50th anniversary edition will be released as "Eiichi Otaki Omnibus 50th Anniversary Edition" based on Otaki's original concept. Ten years ago, at the time of the 40th anniversary, Otaki himself planned a reissue and even decided the order of the songs, but due to various circumstances, it could not be released. This time, the latest mastering from the original master tape has been performed, realizing the sound Otaki wanted with high sound quality.

Track List:

Disc 1
(Disc-1) Side A

  • 01. thought
  • 02. that's not me
  • 03. Love Train Poppo Part 2
  • 04. finger cutting
  • 05. binbo
  • 06. May rain
  • 07. Uraraka

(Disc-1) Side B

  • 08. Atsusa's fault
  • 09. overslept
  • 10. watercolor town
  • 11. disheveled hair
  • 12. flying whale
  • 13. Take advantage! this love

Disc 2
(Disc-2) Side-A

  • 01. Love Train Poppo (Single Version)
  • 02. It's not me (single version)
  • 03. May rain (single version)
  • 04. Binbo (Princess Ver.)
  • 05. Uraraka (Intro Drum Version)
  • 06. Because of Atsusa (full size version)
  • 07. Sora Tobu Kujira (Piano Intro Version)
  • 08. Disturbed Hair (Outro Strings Version)

(Disc-2) Side-B

  • 09. Binbo (Hanihole Version)
  • 10. Because of Atsusa (instrumental version)
  • 11. Because of Atsusa (rehearsal version)
  • 12. It's not me (album MIX-2)
  • 13. Omoi (UNDUBBED VERSION TAKE 1-4)
  • 14. Take advantage! This love (cassette version)