City Pop 1973-2019 Record Collectors August 2019 Special Edition by Ryohei Matsunaga Book

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A book that compiles the classic City Pop albums for reference and discovery.  It is written in Japanese. 

441 published albums!
The definitive edition of the city pop disc guide that is attracting worldwide attention!

City pop is now a hot scene that should be called a boom. Record Collectors 2018 March issue, April issue re-recorded the article featured twice, and posted a new project with double the volume, this special issue that captures city pop from a more multifaceted perspective is this "City Pop". Pop 1973-2019”. With interest in city pop growing more and more, this definitive edition is perfect for both beginners and in-depth guides. Please enjoy it.

◆City Pop 1973-1979 Masterpiece Selection [re-recording + augmentation]
◆City Pop 1980-1989 Masterpiece Selection [re-recording + augmentation]
◆ City Pop 1990-1999 Masterpiece Selection [NEW]
◆ City Pop 2000-2019 [re-recording + augmentation]
◆ Latest interview
Taeko Onuki/Toshiki Kadomatsu/Yurie Kokubun/Misan Kojima/Night Tempo/Yosuke Kitazawa (Light In The Attic)