Bronze - Ondo (with LeeHi) / Smooth Flight (with Atsuko Hiyajo) 7" (Pre-Order)

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Bronze, a producer at 8BallTown, one of the most active labels in the Korean indie scene, has released his third City Pop album, “Skyline”. The special 7" EP release from the album is now available via Kissing Fish Records! The 2 tracks from the EP features the rising Korean singer “LeeHi” and Japan’s Atsuko Hiyasada, the “saudade voice of Okinawa”. Cover art by Hiroshi Nagai.

  • 7" Pressed on black vinyl
  • Featuring Korean artist, LeeHi, and Japanese artist, Atsuko Hiyasada
  • Cover art by Hiroshi Nagai

Pre-Order - Expected to Ship February, 2023

Track List:

  • Ondo (with LeeHi)
  • Smooth Flight (with Atsuko Hiyajo)