Band of Horses - Everything All of the Time LP

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Sub Pop's repressing of Band of Horse's classic LP, Everything All Of the Time. A staple of mid aughts rock/country, Everything All of The Time is rightly considered a classic by many.  If you're familiar at all with this LP, you know it'll sound better on vinyl at home than it did in your earbuds back in the day. 

Best known for the single "The Funeral," the rest Everything All The Time is excellent and worthy of inclusion in your collection.  Tracks like The Great Salt Lake are still bangers, with similar textural qualities to The Funeral.  Even a track like Weed Party overcomes it's moniker. 

Track List:

  • The First Song
  • Wicked Gil
  • Our Swords
  • The Funeral
  • Part One
  • The Great Salt Lake
  • Weed Party
  • I Go To The Barn Because I Like The
  • Monsters
  • St. Augustine