Aran Tomoko - Fuyu-Kukan (Pre Order)

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This is a pre-order of Aran Tomoko's 1983 album, Fuyu-Kukan.  Warner Music Japan presses this release on pink vinyl.  This album has Tomoko Aran working alongside producer Masatoshi Nishimura to craft a very forward looking LP, that sounds rock/new wave, but not dated.  

These songs have gained in popularity during the resurgence of City Pop and this is the perfect opportunity to get a copy at a reasonable price.  Nishimura's production brings forward some of the synth styling that you may recognize from his work on Haroumi Hosono's SFX and FOE LPs.  Like so many great pop LPs, this is a blend of excellent production talent AND excellent singing from Aran Tomoko. 

Get your hands on this and save yourself the headache of flying to Japan for an original or overpaying on Discogs. 


Pink Vinyl Expected to Ship November, 2022

Clear Vinyl Expected to Ship November, 2022

Track List:

  • Body to Body
  • Lonely Night
  • I'm In Love
  • Dilemma
  • Midnight Pretenders
  • One Summer Tapestry
  • Yesterday
  • Baby, Don't You Cry Anymore