Akina Nakamori - Prolouge / First LP

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Akina Nakamori, who made her shocking debut in "Slow Motion" on May 1, 1982, will celebrate her 36th anniversary in 2018. Akina Nakamori's debut album "Prologue <Introduction>" released on July 1, 1982 to 1989, which was released as an analog LP, will be the first analog version of "BEST III" (November 10, 1992). All 18 titles with the addition of (released on the day) will be re-released with LP specifications (high-quality 180g heavy board) that are reproduced as faithfully as possible to the original!
The first release is 5 works from the 1st album "Prologue <Introduction>" in 1982 to the first best album "Memoir" at the end of 1983.

The diva legend began here.
Singing ability, looks, star character. Akina Nakamori's prologue that appeared with all possibilities. Drop the record needle and don't forget the impact of the intro of the first song "Your Potrate" ... The first album containing the debut song "Slow Motion".
Original release date: July 1, 1982

Track List:

  • あなたのポートレート
  • Bon Voyage
  • イマージュの翳(かげ)り
  • 条件反射
  • Tシャツ・サンセット
  • 銀河伝説
  • スローモーション
  • A型メランコリー
  • ひとかけらのエメラルド
  • ダウンタウンすと~り~