Various Artists - Soviet Disco: Disco, Electro, Funk and more from Behind the Iron Curtain 1979-1990 LP

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An amazing showcase of disco, electro, funk, and more from the USSR 1979-1990. A mind-blowing introduction to the obscure world of soviet dance music. 12 tracks of pure soviet disco fever. Alright, put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a weird trip to the dancefloor, to a time when the Soviet Union -- still alive and under the flag of the hammer and sickle -- managed to produce some wonderfully odd and hypnotic disco hits, mutant funk smashers and electro hip breakers. Coming from all over the huge landscape that the USSR was, the artists on this killer compilation showcase a variety of visions on the subject of shaking the ass that will surprise even the most cynical connoisseur of the genre. Features Mirdza Zivere, Оригинал, Anzhelina Petrosova / Анжелина Петросова, Pervouralsk / Первоуральск, Güljan Hümmedowa / Гүльджан Хүммедова, Roza Rymbaeva / Роза Рымбаева, Махфират Ҳамрақулова & Гульшан, Janina Misčiukaitė, Verasy, Formula Dreyka / Формула Дрейка, Eolika, and Raduga / Радуга.

Track List:

  • Vienmer but (Latvia, 1979)
  • Сен Қайдан Биласан (Uzbekistan, 1981)
  • Танцующий Остров (Uzbekistan, 1987)
  • Наташка (Russia, 1990)
  • Ак Пагта / Белый Хлопок (Turkmenistan, 1984)
  • Noktirne (Latvia, 1981)
  • Резаборон (Tajikistan, 1989)
  • Amzinas sokis (Lithuania, 1980)
  • Polet (Belarus, 1985)
  • Репка (Russia, 1990)
  • Noktirne (Latvia, 1981)
  • Рассветает (Bashkortostan, 1979)