Various Artists - La Discoteque Psychedelique Vol. 2 LP (Purple Vinyl)

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2021 compilation of psychedelic, garage, and funk from all over the world.  It comes from Misty Lane records, who claim this is by DJs for DJs.  Whether or not you're a DJ, you're going to love this compilation of weird, fuzzy, psychedelic music from all over the world.  These are hard to find, so don't hesitate to grab one at this price!

The long-awaited second volume in this amazing series features 17 Transworld groovy and fuzzy late 60’s early 70’s rarities from Brazil, Canada, Finland, Belgium, Indonesia, the U.K., and the USA of course.

Eye-catching purple vinyl and a rich 2-pages insert with detailed liner notes too. Don’t miss it!

  • Purple vinyl
  • Detailed liner notes
  • Legendary series, vol. 2
  • Compilation featuring ultra rare original singles

Track List:

  • Big Shot - No No, You Didn't Know
  • Michael Tarry - Neighbours at the Zoo
  • Offspring - She Lives in a Big House
  • Robison/Kaplan - Hide Yourself Away
  • Rola Austin - Burnside
  • Rory Vincent - Possibility
  • Rick Jones - Theme from the Auronauts
  • Formula Two - Easy Times
  • Inner Soul - La Puima
  • Poor Boys - Can't Get Back In
  • Ervinna & The Stylers - Witch Queen of New Orleans
  • Jon Bartel Thing - Freak Show
  • Russ Eden - Lady
  • Ben Sidran - Poor Girl
  • Ann Christine, Ulla Ja Tiina - Liian Monta Poivaa
  • Ugly Z - Down to My Very Last Tear
  • Terry Winter - I Know