Mikis Theodorakis - Serpico Soundtrack LP

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This is We Want Sounds 2021 release of Mikis Theodorakis' soundtrack to Serpico.  It is newly remastered from the original tapes.  The soundtrack is scored by Theodorakis, but arranged by Bob James.  It balances both of their influences and sounds both traditional and forward looking at the same time. 

Sometimes the naming convention of matching the track to what is happening on screen ends with odd name/song pairings on soundtracks/scores.  In this case, the names of the tracks let you know exactly what you'll be hearing.  Alone in the Apartment is exactly the type of melancholy meditation that should play when your protagonist is alone in his apartment.  Meanwhile, a title like On the Streets is funky, propulsive and at times grand.  Flashback strikes a longing, backward looking tone, perfect for a flashback scene. 

The entire presentation is wonderful, with packaging designed by Eric Adrian Lee and notes from film critic Jason Wood.  Don't miss out on this soundtrack. 

Track List

  • Theme From Serpico
  • Honest Cop
  • Alone in the Apartment
  • Meeting in the Park
  • Shoe Shop
  • On the Streets
  • Flashback
  • Laurie's Fable
  • Disillusion
  • End Title