Tangerine Dream - Thief Soundtrack LP

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This is the Mondo 180G pressing of Tangerine Dream's soundtrack to Michael Mann's Theif.   Looking at the artwork by Jay Shaw and packaging, the listener knows they're in for a treat even before the needle drops.  And when the music comes on, you won't be disappointed. 

The whole LP pulses with the "80's synth" sound that Tangerine Dream helped popularize, along with the likes of Giorgio Moroder and others.  For both Tangerine Dream and Mann, this is a turning point where each puts a flag in the ground and declares what they'll be doing for a while.  Mann's heist film starring James Caan sets the tone for the glossy looking, hellbent protagonist fare he'll become known for; including Miami Vice to Heat.  Tangerine Dream are working at the top of their craft, fashioning songs and soundscapes that work alongside all types of films as well as on their own. 

This LP is a wonderful example of film scoring at its best.  Mondo has done well by listeners; anyone who grabs this will be very satisfied with their purchase. 

Track List:

  • Beach Theme
  • Dr. Destructo
  • Diamond Diary
  • Burning Bar
  • Scrap Yard
  • Trap Feeling
  • Igneous
  • Confrontation