Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails LP

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This is the Pure Pleasure pressing of the classic "Happy Trails" LP by Quicksilver Messenger Service.  Imported from the UK, it is a 180G limited edition pressing. 

If you're familiar with this LP, you can add it to your cart and be on your way.  If this is just a familiar name or familiar cover, or you're not familiar at all, this is a late 60's classic.  These songs are blues, rock and psychedelic; plus haven't been run into the ground with overplay.   There is a reason why this is so often found in thrift shops, but it isn't ever in good condition.  It is because this is a good album you'll end up wearing out. 

Track List:

    • Who Do You Love (Part 1)
    • When Do You Love
    • Where Do You Love
    • How Do You Love
    • Which Do You Love
    • Who Do You Love (Part 2)
    • Mona
    • Maiden of the Cancer Moon
    • Calvary
    • Happy Trails