Night Tempo - Neo Standard LP

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A new standard presented by Korean producer/DJ = Night Tempo!
The new album “Neo Standard” with the participation of a gorgeous guest performer is completed!

Night Tempo is a Korean producer and DJ active mainly in the United States and Japan who emerged from the Internet-based music genre "Future Funk", which reconstituted 80's Japanese Pops into dance music.
He started the "Showa Groove" series in 2019, which updates Showa pops to modern times, and is trying to spread the appeal of 80's Japanese Pops overseas.He has received a lot of media exposure as a driving force behind the "City Pop" boom.

This work is his second major full album. A total of 10 female artists participated as feat. singers, ranging from artists with whom we have deepened our friendships to singers we respect.
In addition to Kyoko Koizumi, Maki Nomiya, Asako Toki, and Yu Hayami, who have been featured in previously released singles, Akimoto has once again been in the spotlight from overseas with the 80s city pop revival of ``Dress Down'' and ``Cathy.'' Kaoru and Hitomi Toyama. Miho Nakayama is a singer and actress who was popular as a top idol in the 1980s and is still active at the forefront today. Marina Watanabe was active as a member of Onyanko Club in the 1980s, and was sometimes talked about in the context of Shibuya Kei in the 90s. She is actress Anju Suzuki who was a singer in the UK under the name KAKKO in the 90's and toured with Kylie Minogue at the time. BONNIE PINK, who collaborated well with us on "Wonderland" from their previous album, will be on stage once again.
Ten female artists with successful careers and accomplishments wrote the lyrics and lent their voices to Night Tempo's original song.

A state-of-the-art electronic music album based on dance music has been completed, featuring a strong lineup of guests that could only be achieved by Night Tempo.

Track List:

  • Input
  • Structure Of Romance (feat. Kyoko Koizumi)
  • Passion (feat. Kaoru Akimoto)
  • Run Or Hide (feat. Marina Watanabe)
  • Shampoo (feat. Yu Hayami)
  • Live Once (feat. Anju Suzuki)
  • Ninna Nanna (feat. Miho Nakayama)
  • Needy Greedy (feat. BONNIE PINK)
  • New Romantic (feat. Maki Nomiya)
  • Silhouette (feat. Asako Toki)
  • One Love (feat. Hitomi Tohyama)
  • Output