Hiroshi Suzuki - Cat LP (We Release Jazz Pressing)

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Hiroshi Suzuki had moved to Las Vegas in 1971, playing there with Buddy Rich.  This was recorded October 8-10, 1975, after he returned home to Tokyo. As the years passed, Cat's legend grew, as it became quite difficult to find a copy.

In 2007, it was finally released on CD; allowing it to find new and diver audiences.  A vinyl reissue was part of Project Re:Vinyl in 2015.  That reissue quickly sold out and became rather expensive.  The We Want Jazz label steps up to give fans this 2021 reissue.  It is on 180G vinyl with a heavy 350 gsm sleeve and OBI.

Musically, this LP is very difficult to describe (which is why we talk about the release history in the paragraph above.)  Cat can be placed in multiple genres (Jazz/Funk/Fusion/etc.)  However, it is hard to pin it down to any one genre.  It feels familiar, even if you haven’t listened to it before.  What you hear is very skilled musicians at the top of their game.  In addition to Hiroshi Suzuki, the band  includes Hiromasa Suzuki, who you may know from his LP “High Flying.” 

We also have the HMV / Lawson Deep Jazz Reality / Project Re:Vinyl pressing as well!

Track List:

    • Shrimp Dance
    • Kuro To Shiro
    • Walk Tall
    • Cat
    • Romance