Hiromasa Suzuki ‎– High-Flying LP

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Such a cool 70's vibes on this Jazz/Funk classic.  It is hard to add too many labels to this one, but classic is a good place to start.  Nippon Columbia's 2021 reissue that puts it in the price range of the non-yacht-owning crowd! 

Hiromasa Suzuki is a composer/arranger/key player who has been active in the Japanese music world, including jazz as well as movies, television and commercials. In the late ‘60s and mid-’70s, he was deeply involved in the works of Terumasa Hino, Akira Ishikawa and Jiro Inagaki in the most radical times. The album “High-Flying,” recorded in 1976, showed his innovativeness, which was always one step ahead of the times, in the overall financial results.

Track List:

    • High-Flying
    • Screwdriver
    • Scramble
    • Between O&M
    • Smash
    • Straight Flash
    • Out of Focus