Haruomi Hosono - Music For Films 2020-2021 LP

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Speedstar Records delivers a vinyl pressing of Haruomi Hosono's Music for Films 2020-2021; a compilation of his soundtrack work spanning many films.   The A side starts off with a cover of his own song, Sayonara America, Sayonara Nippon from the film No Smoking; a song he originally recorded with Happy End.  It is followed by two more tracks from No Smoking, two mixes of Indigo from the film She and Gravity from the short film +81 film.  The B side is all tracks from the film Malu Yumeji.  While not as a prolific soundtrack scorer as his YMO bandmate Ryuichi Sakamoto, these tracks show Hosono's unique ability to make images come alive with music; while also making music that stands alone. 

Track List:

  • Sayonara America, Sayonara Nippon
  • No Smoking
  • Smoko Memories
  • Indigo
  • Indigo (Altered Mix)
  • Gravity
  • Island
  • Dark Makeup (Image)
  • Ketsui-Determined
  • Followed
  • Memories
  • Flashback
  • Snow/Incident
  • Malu-Yumeji