Harumi Ohzora - Viva LP

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This is a really cool LP, it contains some great songwriting from Haruomi Hosono, who (surprise) is experimenting with genres and styles. Ohzora's vocals are a perfect match to these songs too; blending in or standing above it all depending on what the song requires. This isn't an LP that is front to back City Pop, but a fun track like Sho-Jo-Ji could easily fit into many mixes/sets.

Harumi Ohzora’s “Viva” first released in 1983. This album features an array of musical influences from Salsa to Synth-pop and Rumba to Mambo. The record’s lyrics were composed by Takashi Matsumoto and its music composed by Haruomi Hosono.

  • First released in 1983
  • Lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto
  • Composed by Haruomi Hosono

Track List:

  • パパはマンボがお好き
  • 海の近くでアモーレ
  • もしかしたらニューヨーク
  • チャチャチャは素晴らしい
  • 男5分5分 女5分5分
  • ラグーン・ホテル 
  • 悪い夏
  • Sho-Jo-Ji
  • コーヒー・ルンバ