Daft Punk Hervet Manufacturier Orange Skate Deck - 13/50 Only 50 Made!!!

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This rare item was purchased in 2015 directly from Daft Punk's website.  It has been in my personal collection since.  It is one of 50 made in orange (and another 50 were made in blue).  This is lucky #13 of 50.  It is in mint condition, mostly shown off to friends and then again stored in the original box.  It (obviously) hasn't ever been ridden or had anything attached to it. 

I'm parting with this not because I want to, but because I want to draw some eyes to this new venture of mine.  Please share with friends, fans, robots! Tag us on socials too! 

If you're curious or want more information, send us an email to cromulentrecords at gmail dot com.  We'll answer everything to the best of our ability.