Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media, Yashui Sawada – Dosojin = 道祖神 ~やぶにらみ民謡考~

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2021 Pressing by HMV as part of their Project Re:Vinyl effort.  This 1972 LP lies is hard to pin down genre wise, alongside other Jiro Inagaki works.  It is a favorite of Cromulent Records for this reason.  It moves between genres very easily... it may feel like a movie score, rock, psychedelic, jazz, pop, funk, or country depending on the song.  The vocals by Yashui Sawada (沢田靖司) add even more depth to Ignaki's works. 

This is an LP that is prized by collectors and DJs alike, and still is!  The original 1972 pressing is VERY rare, so don't miss out on this opportunity to own a classic.   If you're unsure; it is on Spotify and you can give it a try.  But don't wait too long to pull the trigger!

Track List:

    • Inanome (Dawning) いなのめ
    • Kigishi (Pheosant) きぎし
    • Susomi (Peaceful) すそみ
    • Kusakai (Baiting Yard) くさかひ
    • Arisobe (Rough Seashore) ありそべ
    • Tabute たぶて
    • Sasara ささら
    • Yubunirami No Isan やぶにらみの遺産